HyperDamping closes financing to create a quieter and more comfortable world

Columbus, OH - HyperDamping Inc., announced today its launch and the completion of a seed financing with Rhapsody Venture Partners.

HyperDamping is bringing to market patent pending technology developed by Professor Ryan Harne at Ohio State University. Vibrations and shocks cause noise and damage to consumer electronics, vehicles, aircraft, building and gym floors, industrial equipment, and to many other everyday products. Existing solutions trade-off weight and cost against how much damping can be achieved. HyperDamping eliminates that trade-off.

HyperDamping utilizes principles of structural mechanics to create lightweight, broadband and extreme damping properties in elastic materials. When placed under calibrated load, specifically designed architectures in the materials greatly magnify damping capacity of the bulk material. While the design process is complex and proprietary, the dampers are simple in form and inexpensive to manufacture by common production methods.

HyperDamping’s solutions will create a quieter and more comfortable world. The company is currently piloting projects with partners in automotive, construction, and machinery industries and expects to have first commercial sales in early 2019.

Said Professor Ryan Harne: “Over the past year, we have tested our designs in various commercial settings and found that we could provide dramatic reductions in shock and vibration over competing solutions. It became clear that we had a great opportunity to form a business. I am delighted to have found a partner in Rhapsody that provides funding as well as expert guidance and networking to bring HyperDamping to market.”


About HyperDamping:

HyperDamping Inc. is a Columbus, OH, startup. The technology is based on Professor Ryan Harne’s research at Ohio State University. The underlying intellectual property is exclusively licensed to HyperDamping. For more information, please visit: www.HyperDamping.com

About Rhapsody Venture Partners:

Rhapsody is a specialist early stage venture fund that works with inventors to bring their innovations to market. For more information, please visit: www.RhapsodyVp.com